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Welcome to I-Tech Resources, your premier staffing agency dedicated to connecting top talent with leading companies across diverse industries. Formerly known as I-Tech Personnel, we’ve undergone a rebranding process to better embody our mission and values.

Since our establishment, we’ve remained steadfast in delivering outstanding staffing solutions for both job seekers and businesses alike. Our seasoned team of recruiters possesses a profound understanding of the staffing intricacies encountered by enterprises across various sectors. We adopt a personalized recruitment approach, meticulously comprehending the unique staffing requisites of each client.

Our commitment extends to assisting job seekers in securing their ideal positions. Our recruiters engage closely with candidates, delving into their skill sets, experiences, and career aspirations, to align them with opportunities that resonate with their professional objectives.

For businesses, we provide an array of staffing solutions, including temporary staffing, temp-to-perm placements, and direct hires. We take pride in tailoring staffing strategies to the specific needs of our clients, facilitating their journey to acquiring the talent essential for their success.

At I-Tech Resources, integrity, respect, and excellence are the cornerstones of our operations. We’re dedicated to cultivating enduring relationships with both job seekers and companies, underpinned by our commitment to delivering exceptional service.

We appreciate your consideration of I-Tech Resources for your staffing requirements. Reach out to us today to explore our services further and discover how we can help you realize your staffing objectives.

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Why Us?

  • By leveraging I-Tech’s recruiting expertise, our clients reclaim invaluable time within their HR departments. At I-Tech, we invest our resources into advertising, conducting tests and interviews, recruiting top-quality employees, and executing thorough screening procedures. Only after this meticulous process, we present the best candidates to be interviewed by our clients’ hiring managers. The upfront costs for these procedures are absorbed by I-Tech, effectively saving your company thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent on recruitment expenses.

  • During the first 90 days of employment, it’s common for work-related accidents to occur. Acknowledging this possibility, we’ve structured our services at I-Tech to offer a temporary-to-permanent solution for our clients. When we place an employee at a client’s site, they undergo a 90-day probationary period. This period allows the company to assess the employee’s quality, performance, and safety suitability for the role. Employees deemed unsuitable for specific job requirements are returned to I-Tech. This arrangement offers our clients a valuable opportunity to evaluate the employee’s performance before committing to permanent employment.

    In the event of an injury within this probationary period, I-Tech assumes responsibility for the employee’s treatment through our medical provider, with costs covered by our insurance carrier. Leveraging a network of trusted and experienced physicians, I-Tech ensures proper treatment, enabling employees to return to work promptly.

  • One of the primary factors impacting companies’ bottom lines is unemployment. Organizations can mitigate this risk by keeping employees off their payroll when partnering with I-Tech for staffing needs. Upon the completion of an employee’s position period, I-Tech assumes responsibility for all unemployment processes, including responding to claims and attending hearings, alleviating this burden from the HR Department. This arrangement not only saves valuable HR hours but also eliminates potential frustrations associated with the process.

    In the event of a layoff, where an employee becomes eligible for unemployment compensation, payments are disbursed through the I-TECH account, maintaining low records for clients and minimizing operational costs.

  • With a vast and qualified resource pool, I-Tech is equipped to handle projects of any scale, whether big or small. Whether our clients require immediate replacement of an employee or seek to hire new staff to drive company growth, I-Tech stands ready to meet all demands with tailored staffing solutions.

    As a trusted staffing partner, I-Tech excels in bolstering our clients’ workforce to tackle new projects effectively. Our expertise has contributed to millions of dollars in revenue for our esteemed clients, underscoring our commitment to delivering impactful staffing solutions.

  • I-Tech holds certifications as a diversity company at the state, local, and federal levels. This accreditation makes us an ideal partner for companies seeking to secure government contracts or advance their diversity initiatives. We seamlessly align with corporations that have diversity plans in place.

    Our certifications have been earned through rigorous trials and testing by government certifying agencies such as the SBA and private certifying organizations like the FMSDC. I-Tech has successfully met all stringent requirements to obtain these certifications, ensuring our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

  • Since 1998, I-Tech has been steadily growing to support projects of all sizes while retaining an in-house staff. This enables us to promptly address the staffing needs of our clients, whether it’s replacing temporary workers or modifying invoices. At I-Tech, we prioritize swift responsiveness and take pride in our ability to implement changes without delay.

    Our operational structure is streamlined to eliminate extensive executive approval processes. Decisions are made at the local level, empowering us to provide unparalleled customer service to our esteemed clientele.