Abundant opportunities exist in the field of banking, government and insurance sectors out there in the open. QA technicians can get benefited from good earning potentials, where one can find a placement that fall in the range of junior to senior categories.

Are you to looking to get benefited from new earning opportunities? If you have made up your mind to enter the IT field, but do not know the right way to make a resounding entry, or if you have the basic understanding of QA and are keen to sharpen your knowledge, here is the golden opportunity!

I-TECH Training Group may be the solution that you have been looking for…….

With I-TECH training, online learning get converted into productive sessions, as it become a convenient option too.

We offer normal classes and live virtual classes, which depends on the students’ choice

  • Online instructions are offered by making use of GoToMeeting
  • The learning materials reach the students through email
  • One can benefit from the minimal cost
  • The students can also make use of the flexible schedules
  • Instructions are offered by experienced instructors who have been reason enough to train many students in the past

The SQA experts from I-TECH will offer QA training for manual and automation testing. We at I-TECH provide all the study materials for the students, and we also take the students through toll training, as the students are sure to get benefited from our SQA experience.

The SQA trainer at I-TECH is an experienced professional, and with more than six years of experience in the area of manual and automation testing, the SQA trainer knows the knack to impart top notch training. The SQA trainer is also a professional who is well-versed with using more than one tool for this automation testing. This professional also has ample experience and knowledge in writing test cases, test plans and test scripts.

Many students have got benefited from the SQA training offered at I-TECH, as we have taught the required skills to the students,  helped them create resume for their jobs, and have also equipped the students well to answer the queries raised in interviews and in turn pass the interviews to find a suitable job for them.

What are the criteria required to qualify for the training?

  • One should have 2 years degree
  • One should have knowledge in computers and must be well-versed in using computers
  • One should possess good communication skills
  • One should also have good writing skills

Training Summary

  • An introduction to Software Life Cycle
  • How to write test plan, test case and other requirements
  • How to make use of testing tools
  • How to make use of automation testing tools
  • Basic knowledge on performance testing
  • Training to handle questions asked during interviews
  • Resume preparation

The following skills are gained after the training session:

  • Good knowledge and skills related to Software Life Testing
  • Good knowledge and skills related to Testing Life Cycle
  • Extensive knowledge on the usage of testing tools
  • Experience in tackling interview questions

To opt for the schedule training class, please click this given link.