We at I-TECH offer SQA consulting services and provide staff to all our clients who make use of all principals like waterfall, agile and RUP, for that of Software Testing Cycle. At I-TECH we also offer experienced staff to our clients who are well-versed to offer the following results:

  • The candidates from I-TECH are well trained professionals to carry out automation and manual testing
  • Junior to Senior level SQA professionals that help manage the cost for our customers
  • The candidates at I-TECH get prescreened by senior and experienced SQA professionals to undertake immediate assignments
  • The candidates from I-TECH have rich experience with that of testing tools

In case you need more information, call us at (904) 381 – 1911 or email us at info@itechpersonnel.com to gather more information in this regard.

We at I-TECH also have the resources to provide the following services:

  • We can bring in well-equipped team for providing project and business solutions in software testing
  • We can assist the clients in implementing new technologies in software testing
  • Our experience in using current tools found in the market for software testing can come in handy for the clients

We provide our services to the following industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Banking
  • Ware House