As an employee-driven establishment, I-TECH considers all the positions to be key positions, and in our efforts to attract and retain potential and qualified candidates, we provide competitive wages and even an attractive benefit package. We firmly believe that the personnel at I-TECH are our best assets, and we go all out to prove this by taking the needed steps in this direction. We at I-TECH review the local job market periodically to make sure that we stay in line with the average wage category per position and make sure to offer benefits that meet or exceed the needs of our employees.

Vacation Pay

Even the temporary employees who get placed at the client’s office may be considered eligible for paid vacation as when they complete one year of fulltime employment. As per the contract, the employees may get considered to earn vacation up to two weeks and/or PTO. In some of the cases, PTO gets considered and begins at six months into that of the position.

Holiday Pay

Employees of I-TECH who get placed at the client’s office might get considered for paid holidays as when they complete six months of full-time employment. As per the contracts that our employees get assigned to, the employees may be eligible for the holidays given below:

New Year’s Day                                 Veteran’s Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day                  Thanksgiving Day

President’s Day                                 Day after Thanksgiving                                     

Memorial Day                                    Christmas Eve

Independence Day                             Christmas Day

Labor Day


Employee Safety Program

I-TECH and its management are sincerely committed to protect the health, safety and well-being of the employees or other individuals at the workplace. Safety at the workplace is the prime business function, and the management personnel at I-TECH are held responsible for the success related to the company’s safety program. Salary increases, job performance evaluations and other incentives are dependent upon the success related to the health and safety program of the company.


We at I-TECH realize the significance of health insurance and understand the need related to health coverage for all our employees and their families. To make sure that our employees get benefited from the health coverage, we provide health coverage in the following areas, which carry many benefits and also come at discounted group rate.

Accidental Death                            Dental

Prescription Plan                            Short-Term Disability                                                          

Hospital Indemnity                          Life Insurance

Medical                                         Vision