Understanding the requirements of our clients, finding the right candidate who has the skills to match the specific role, and placing them in the client’s office is but half the work done. When we shortlist employees and place them in our client’s office, they become an extension of I-TECH, our corporate culture and our services. We are also keen to monitor the performances of the employees to make sure that they follow the policies of the client company and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Monitoring activities at I-TECH

  • As a part of the follow-up process, we manage and monitor the candidates who are placed with our clients.
  • We keep the employees notified on all the modifications and changes made to the procedures.
  • We bring down the response time to avoid last minute recruiting and staffing
  • We act immediately to bring down the response time to emergency situations.
  • We take steps to support communication between the agency and employee.
  • We make sure that there is a healthy communication between management and I-TECH.
  • We ensure that employees get quick access to Agency personnel.


With times getting tougher and money becoming tighter, we at I-TECH understand the need to pay the employees quicker on a weekly basis, and each Friday becomes the payday at I-TECH. Employees feel convenient with this mode of payment, as they can direct their focus on the job at hand by concentrating on the job without having to worry about the financial constraints that might trouble them.

Our Payment modes

To make sure that the employees get benefited from this timely payment schedule, we pay the employees through the following modes:

Direct Deposit

Employees at I-TECH can make use of this payment option to receive timely payments. The employees will have to set up direct deposit into that of their saving or the personal checking account by filling up a direct deposit form, and by attaching a void check along with it. To make sure that payments reach the employee accurately, the direct deposit that gets set up in the payroll system of I-TECH is taken through a trial run which in turn transmits such account numbers with that of no attached funds. This gets done to make sure that the bank routing number and the account number have been entered in the right manner without altering the employees’ funds. When the trial run is recognized as a transaction that gets completed successfully, the employees’ funds will then get deposited in their accounts, which will be a continual process every week, until such a time when the employee is recognized as a part of the payroll of the client, or till the time the employee specifies otherwise.

Cash Card

This is another payment option offered at I-TECH. This option becomes an ideal one for those employees without a personal bank account. For such employees, the convenience afforded by the Cash Card offered at I-TECH becomes an ideal option. When employees have this card, the funds get deposited to the cards directly. This card can also be used as in a way one uses the debit card offered by the financial institutions, as it comes in handy to pay bills, to use while one makes purchases and to use it for cash withdrawals.

Employer related expenses

At I-TECH, we conduct tests and interviews to recruit potential employees, where we assign them to perform suitable tasks at our client’s premises. The employees may be assigned to such roles on short or even long-term assignments. As a candidate, when you prefer to go in for I-TECH as that of your support personnel provider, I-TECH becomes your employer, as we are also held responsible for some employer related expenses that take the following forms.

Payroll Taxes:

Social Security Insurance Tax

In the United States, working as an employee entitles the candidate to pay social security taxes. The employer deducts the social security taxes from the employees’ wage payment.

Medicare Tax

Medicare Tax is the other form of taxes that an employee must pay in the United States. This tax gets deducted by the employer from the wages of the employee.

Federal Unemployment Tax

As a tax taken out of the gross pay of the employee, Federal Unemployment Tax is a component of the Unemployment Tax, which gets paid to the Federal Government.

State Unemployment Tax

The State Unemployment Tax is another component of the Unemployment Tax which gets paid to the states, and in turn gets used for paying benefits.

As an employer, we are held responsible to deduct the following contribution from an employee’s pay and/or employee taxes:

Social Security Tax

Medicare Tax

Federal Withholding Tax

Worker’s Compensation Insurance:

The employees who are hired and placed to work at our client’s office are covered under the worker’s Compensation Insurance policy issued by us.

Record Keeping and Reporting:

I-TECH hold the responsibility of maintaining the reporting and record keeping of wages of employees earned through the means of Wage and Tax Statement (W-2 & I-9 forms).

Management Feedback

In an effort to keep a check on the employee’s progress, we at I-TECH conduct one-on-feedback periodically, which is done with the management of our client to make sure that the employees are performing up to their potentials and as expected, to address concerns and to keep the employees updated on the changes made to the current procedure. We stand by our promise as we make sure that the management of our client receives top quality service that they expect from the employees of I-TECH.

Exit Interviews

At I-TECH, we also conduct exit interviews for each of the employees who get assigned to our clients. As with the case of employee survey, the exit interview is made available for the management team for review purpose.