For our clients, we are here to find the right candidate for the specific job roles. For the aspiring candidate, we are here to assign a challenging job that will suit his profile at our client’s office. I-TECH and the management has a rich experience in this niche, and with more than 50 years of experience in the area of staffing, employee retention, workforce management, risk management and payroll, our management stands up to the expectations of our clients as when it comes to their staffing solutions.

Experts at I-TECH are quick to assess the needs of our esteemed clients, as they are also well-versed to develop a recruitment program that certainly adds value to their workforce in terms of positive impact on the productivity and quality of their workforce, and in triggering the growth to their bottom line.

 Get rid of upfront cost

By making use of the expertise of I-TECH for recruiting purposes, our clients save the valuable time of their HR department. At I-TECH, we spend energy and time to advertise, conduct tests and interviews, recruit quality employees and do all the screening procedures before sending the best candidate to be interviewed by the hiring manager of our clients. The upfront cost for these procedures is borne by I-TECH, which in turn helps your company to save thousands of dollars that might be incurred as recruitment costs.

Reduce risks

In the first 90 days of his employment time, work related accidents are bound to happen to an employee. Considering this eventuality, we at I-TECH have tailored our services as in a way to provide temporary-to-permanent solution for all our clients. When we hire an employee to work at our client’s place, the employee has to work on a 90 day probationary period initially, during which time the company can evaluate the quality, performance and safety of the employee. Employees who are considered to be unfit to suit specific job roles are then sent back to I-TECH. This provides a golden opportunity for our clients to evaluate the employee during his work before the employee is brought under their payrolls.

In the event of an injury occurring to the employee within the said 90 day probationary period, I-TECH takes the responsibility of treating the employee through our medical provider, and the costs will be borne by I-TECH’s insurance carrier. Through a network of trusted and experienced physicians, employees of I-TECH get treated properly, as they are also able to get back to their work in quick succession.

Reduce unemployment

The prime factor that can impact the bottom lines of companies comes through the form of unemployment. When you have I-TECH for your staffing partner, your organization need not deal with this additional exposure by bringing employees under the payroll of your organization. When the position period of an employee ends, it is I-TECH that is going to handle all the unemployment process, as we respond to claims, and attend hearings, as we also fulfill other responsibilities in this regard. This comes as a welcome sign for the HR Department, where they can save their valuable hours and get rid of all the frustrations that could arise out of this process.

With the case of a layoff related to an employee, the employee becomes eligible to receive unemployment compensation, and this compensation will be paid out through the I-TECH account, which in turn keeps the clients’ record low. This also helps the clients to minimize their costs of operation.

Quick access to employees

As the resource pool at I-TECH is rich with a large base of qualified and potential employees who are waiting to be deployed, no project is too small or is too large for us. Be it the need of the client to replace an employee without delay or the need of the client to hire new employees to fuel the growth of the company, I-TECH is ever ready to meet all the demands by providing the right staffing solution.

I-TECH is always ready to play the role of a staffing partner to perfection, as we have the experience of bolstering the workforce of our clients to deal with new projects, which in turn has resulted in millions of dollars as revenue for our esteemed clients.


I-TECH is certified as that of a diversity company at the state, local and the federal level. For the company that aims to undertake government contracts and enhance the diversity goal, or for the corporation that comes with that of a diversity plan, I-TECH fits very well into their mold. I-TECH has come out of the several trials and testing conducted by the government certifying agencies as that of SBA, and private certifying organizations as that of the FMSDC, where we have met all rigid and strict requirements to get hold of our certifications.

Currently, I-TECH is certified as a JSEB, in case of the City of Jacksonville, MBE in case of the state of Florida, and DBE with the DOT, FMSDC and 8(a) with the case of SBA.

Flexible to change

I-TECH has been operating since the year 1998, as we have also grown phenomenally to support projects of various size and proportions, but still maintain the in-house staff, which helps us to respond immediately to the staffing needs of our clients. Be it the need of a client to replace the temporary worker or the need of the client to change an invoice, we at I-TECH respond immediately and get the changes done without any delay on our part. At I-TECH, there is no extensive executive level for obtaining approval. Decisions are taken at the local level, which aids us to offer unparalleled customer services to our esteemed clientele.