As a full service staffing firm, I-TECH offers temporary-to-permanent, temporary, on-site management as well as direct hiring placements. Be it the need to find the right candidate for a single position or candidates for an entire department, the skilled and well-trained staff at I-TECH is well equipped to meet out the demands. I-TECH firmly believes that staff augmentation and personnel recruitment get converted into major expenses, which in turn can produce a telling impact on the bottom line of a company. Without controlling such costs, the company’s profit can hang in balance, with losses staring hard at the establishment.

Companies, on their part have been spending fortunes to find resolutions to their staffing problems through traditional methods, and such methods can only offer a hasty remedy to this unceasing problem of staff augmentation and employee retention. The role and approach of I-TECH can offer a permanent solution to such problems, where we have the resources to meet the needs of our clients and in turn reduce the staffing costs by a huge margin. With the aid of our expertise in customized recruitment and well constructed staff augmentation and training programs, our clients can move ahead to have their own resource pool that is rich in personnel base. Where we differ from the temporary staffing solution lies in our approach to pave way for multiple staffing options and offer value added service too.

With our staffing service, companies can get rid of the start-up costs, reduce recruiting and training time and can spend time and energy on productivity planning. The off-site processing center at I-TECH is a buffer center that aids clients to meet their urgent and unexpected needs, where they can find access to skilled and professional candidates as a specific case may warrant.

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