Since our inception in 1998, I-TECH has had to face many struggles as we have also experienced many triumphs. There are some memorable projects, where I-TECH played a major role that contributed to the overall success of the project.

Ash Remediation:

The City of Jacksonville and Environmental Protection Agency came out with a partnership to fulfill its objective of testing, remediating and restoring contaminated areas found across Jacksonville. This project was a significant one, as it had a direct bearing on the community and its residents. One of the primary goals of this project was to hire the services of individuals who were under employed or underutilized to contribute their work to this project. This was devised to offer good opportunity for the resident to produce a positive impact on that of the neighborhood, and for gaining a new skill in the process.

I-TECH that partnered with that of the EPA, the City of Jacksonville and a host of other organizations was totally responsible for the community outreach and recruitment, as it also offered free HAZWOPER training and placed the residents belonging to these underemployed and underutilized neighborhoods on skilled jobs. The project was brought to a successful completion, and the hired employees were then placed in a better position to carry their new skills and certifications to find career opportunities that paid higher dividends.

BP Deep Water Oil Spill:

When the worst spill that has never before experienced in the history of the United States had to be overcome, the services of I-TECH was called upon to offer specialized and certified hazardous waste operators in an effort to clean up the west coast of Florida. I-TECH worked along with several partners to recruit suitable individuals from local communities that were hit hard by high unemployment rate, as it also provided training to the candidates and placed the selected individuals to work in the needed positions.

Many of the employees who were recruited and placed by I-TECH rose to a prominent position of team leaders and supervisors. This was made possible primarily owing to the recruiting and proper training offered by the team at I-TECH. The employees who took part in this project were able to develop new skills, and with it found better opportunities that paved way for higher paying opportunities.

Supporting Our Military:

I-TECH was shortlisted by a major DOD contractor to render its services for an important project concerning the Florida Army National Guard. They were on the lookout for a firm that was large enough and also had highly skilled workforce to bring the operation to a successful completion in a very short period of time. Striking good partnerships with many agencies, I-TECH hired the required workforce within the stipulated time and within the given budget.

The contractors who were hired and placed by I-TECH were successful, which initiated FLANG to extend the contract further by two times for handling other operations. The contractors romped in by I-TECH completes their tasks successfully and was also commended well for their quality work. The Sergeant Major of the FLANG also rose to the occasion to appreciate the great work that was performed, and he thanked the account manager from I-TECH on a personal note. He also praised the quality services provided by the skilled individuals from I-TECH, and commanded that the service was exceptional. By being flexible, I-TECH was in a position to accommodate the last minute changes made by FLANG in order to meet the desired objective.

Provider Enrollment Representatives:

We at I-TECH were contacted by a prime contractor to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on an evening, where they needed to staff up for a major project. They wanted to hire the services of 30 employees and were just left with the following day to carry out the hiring process. This prime contractor sought the services of two other staffing firms and had requested for about 20 resumes from each of these staffing firms.

The employees who were to be considered for the positions were to pass all the prerequisites that took the form of criminal background checks, clerical assessments, drug screening, and an interview. Owing to the short notice, and just a day given to recruit, the other agencies were not in a position to meet the requirements of the contractor. I-TECH, on the other hand, helped the contactor by filling out 18 positions out of the total of 30 positions.